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• “In today’s time, it is refreshing to meet someone that is competent, ethical, and pleasant to deal with. Peter fills this bill perfectly. When I see Peter on the other side of a transaction I know it is going to go smoothly.” - Jack Stern, Esq.

• “I have dealt with Peter both personally and professionally, with each and every Real Estate transaction he has been thorough, professional, and reliable. Peter works well with everyone involved, and I would highly recommend him to others. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.” - Josephine Lee, Realtor.

• “In my fifteen years of collegiate teaching, Mr. Weinman is one of the most intellectually gifted students I have ever had…Mr. Weinman will make an exemplary attorney.” - Paul S. Burdett, Jr., English Professor, College of Staten Island – CUNY (His recommendation to the Director of Enrollment at New York Law School (1996)).

• Peter is a “compassionate human being who searches for a sense of justice and is a fair-minded intellectually astute learner who upholds the highest level of personal integrity.” - Rev. Terry Troia, Executive Director, Project Hospitality.

• “Peter is definitely one of the most exacting, honest, and ethical people with whom I have ever worked. I would trust him with my life.” - Theresa A. Rafferty, Former Director of Adult Services, Project Hospitality.

• Peter J. Weinman, Esq., is ...a bright individual with several years of legal experience in both residential and commercial real estate, in addition to civil litigation, including landlord/tenant practice. Also, he serves as a Director on the Board of the Richmond County Bar Association (RCBA). In addition, he is the current chair of the Technology Committee of the RCBA. Furthermore, he has dedication both to his clients through his legal practice and to his colleagues through his service in the RCBA. He is also a nice person. It is for these many reasons that I give Peter J. Weinman, Esq., this peer endorsement. -Suzanne Alexandra Ascher, Esq.

• “Pete is a detail-oriented Attorney and is great when customers need someone to hold their hand and walk them through the real estate transaction” -Raj Rajpal, Mortgage Consultant.

Peter was the attorney on my refi. He is absolutely phenomenal! As someone who works for a large real estate organization, I come across many attorneys, and I must say that Peter is incredibly responsive and thorough. I tend to ask a lot of questions - and greatly appreciated Peter's patience and willingness to address every detail. As a final point, love that he's ALWAYS on - i.e. you email anytime, chances are you'll hear back in a few hours, if not minutes. Ali E.

Peter Weinman, Esq. is amazing! I asked a few people who is a good real estate closing attorney and several of them said he was the best by far - he really is. He always calls you back right away, is always kind and well mannered and he is extremely thorough. My closing went smoothly with no problems and no surprises and what was even more amazing was that after the closing he gave me $350.00 back because he said there were some documents that he thought would be needed, but then became unnecessary, so there was less legal work involved - what an honest, nice, very professional attorney! He really is the best and I strongly recommend that you use him if you want a good smooth closing. Thank you Mr. Weinman!!!! Glenn

Peter handled a complicated deal for us. We were selling and buying at the same time. He made us feel very comfortable and he always had our best interest. I would recommended him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. He was a gentleman. Peter & Grace

Peter made what we thought would be a difficult closing an easy one. Having multiple owners across state lines was no hardship. Peter kept us all informed, was timely in his responses and patient with our questions and concerns. Would definitely use Peter for any future real estate activity. Karen

We retained Peter for a complicated eviction. Throughout the somewhat frustrating process, he kept us informed and was very patient and understanding. I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone in need of a real estate law professional. Diana

Pete Weinman did an excellent job with our eviction proceedings. He made the entire process a smooth one and kept us informed the entire time. Some lawyers can be dismissive and condescending when their clients ask a lot of questions but Mr. Weinman was not at this way. To the contrary, he took his time clarifying all matters to us, but kept the eviction process speedy. We were able to evict our tenants relatively quickly, considering how long it can take in New York, and Mr. Weinman sent us a nice refund check in unused fees. We highly recommend him for his competence and honesty and plan to use him again for our real estate needs in the future. Michael & Renee.

Peter was our lawyer for an unusual case. Not only did he respect our situation, he kept us extremely informed of all of his actions. He was always available to speak, even if it was on his personal time. Peter is an organized, intelligent, and thorough lawyer who was beyond helpful to us during this time. We recommend Peter Weinman for any case that falls under his expertise. Peter is a trustworthy lawyer who is honest as well as kind. We thank Peter for his help and definitely feel he is a top lawyer on the island. Phyllis & Jennifer.

We can't thank you enough for all your help. You have no idea how much it meant to us, you being there to guide us through this process with all your knowledge and honesty. When we find the house we were meant to live in you'll be the first person we call! Anyone we know that may ever need a real estate lawyer, we will send them your way! Thank you again! Jill & Danielle.

Peter Weinman is the best real estate attorney in America. He takes his time to make sure his client is represented in the best manner possible. Explains and listens to every concern, and charges a very reasonable fee. Already did 2 closings with him. God bless Peter Weinman!!!! - Max V******

Peter Weinman made buying our home the safest and best experience we've had. This was our first home and we felt that it was hard to trust anyone; we needed someone whom we knew was on our side, looking out for our best interests: "Pete" was this man! When the Realtors bankers, or anyone else was telling us what we should do, it was Pete we really believed. He even found a title dependency which two prior owners didn't know about, and made certain that this seller would have this matter clarified before the sale of the house. He was always accessible either by phone, text, or email--we always received a prompt response back. When we first looked for a real-estate attorney we looked for a "cheap" attorney, and they never called back or they didn't instill trust for them. Pete charged a bit more than those attorneys who didn't have the time to get back to us, but we received a proportionately higher customer service than we could have expected. If you're buying or selling your house, go with Peter Weinman, Esq, he is really the best! - Alexander L*****

Mr. Weinman is a venerable force in fighting for justice. His services leave nothing to be desired! I do not know what more I can say other than to say, he not only covers all the bases... but educates you along the way. Truly made what could have been a terrible experience... a cakewalk. Not just another suit cashing your check.... but a human being with depth and determination. - Jason C*******

“Pete is an oriented detailed attorney who you can rely upon for all your closing needs.” - Dina Collazo, Realtor

“Peter is a Great real-estate attorney. I highly recommend him. He is reliable, detailed knowledge in real-estate, and thinks out side the box. He is so good, and helpful that you can't help in becoming his friend. I wish him the best in all his endeavors! Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative." - George Almodovar, Author and CEO, Striving for Better Days, Inc. - past client.

On behalf of the J**** family, I would like to thank you for your services. I know it took a lot of patience and time to deal with this case. The ups and downs partially drained my husband and I. But, with God's strength and the help of your patience, it helped a lot. Peter, I want you to know you're the best. Take care! Sincerely, Darlene J***** - past client.

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